Custom Embroidery

We love our customers and that's why we go the extra mile for you! Looking to get your logo embroidered on polos, hoodies or hats? You have come to the right place! Consolidated Ink has been offering custom embroidery for over a decade, which means more experience makes us better at what we do!

Custom Embroidered Apparel

When you need custom embroidered apparel, there is only one company for the job: Consolidated Ink!  Our team works hard at making sure that your order looks amazing-- our goal is customer satisfaction!

custom embroidered apparel snapback
malibu farm dad hat
3D Embroidered Logo

We’ve got you covered. If custom embroidered apparel is what you need to make your brand stand out and look professional, Consolidated Ink has the right service for it! Contact us today with any questions about our extensive range of products or services. Embroidery is a great way to add personalization to your products. It pairs well with Polos, Hats, Jackets, Beanies, Visors, etc. By adding embroidered logos you are elevating your product and creating a piece that says "this is nice."  It adds a level of sophistication to your company polos shirts and jackets.

embroidered low profile trucker hat

Will Embroidery Last Long?

You can rest easy knowing that your embroidery will last longer than the garment upon which it is embroidered. We manufacture all of our products using only top-of -the line equipment and highest quality materials because we want you to be happy with what's on display for years after purchase!

Quality is Our Priority

How The Custom Embroidery Process Works

Want to create a logo or design for your company? We offer embroidery services that will help turn even the most complex designs into accurate stitching patterns. The digitizing process takes your artwork and converts it into digital files so we can produce an exceptional end product without any errors along the way! You'll receive digital mockups for approval before we go into production with your design.

Embroidered Logo
Before & After Digitization

digital mockup for approval

Overview page of mockup showing design placement

Hat mockup proof detail

Detail page of digital proof showing size and Pantone colors of thread.

pantone color matching for embroidery

Picking the right thread to match the Pantone colors.

5 Step Process

Types Of Embroidery

embroidered logo

Logo Embroidery

Embroider your logo onto polos, hats and various other items--adding an air of professionalism and polish to your company uniforms. Send us your design and our art team will analyze it to make sure it will stitch out properly.

single color embroidery

Single Color & Multicolor

Whether you want the simplicity of a single color design or the added detail of multiple colors-- you can go up to 10 colors.

flat embroidery take a hike logo

Flat Embroidery

Composed of both satin stitch, running stitch and fill stitch patterns. "Flat" is the most common style of stitching we use and is great across all items: hats, beanies, polos, jackets, bags, etc.

3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery

3D embroidery uses a foam backing below the stitching to help raise up and give a 3D or Puff effect. You can combine both Flat & Puff to make certain parts of your artwork pop.

flag personalization logo

Side Personalization options

Add another location -- like the side of your trucker hat. This added personalization helps set your team and business apart from the rest.

inside hat woven label

Woven Label Customization

Go the extra distance to add a more custom finish by adding a woven label inside of the hat or hoodie

Embroidery Logo Sizes

diagram for best sizes for custom embroidery on hats

Here is a visual sizing guide recommendation for custom hats

Embroidery FAQs

The standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days but if you need it sooner than that then let us help with your deadlines--We understand that sometimes our customers need their products as soon as possible. That’s why we offer a quick turnaround time for all custom embroidered apparel!

Rayon and polyester are two thread types that stand out, but each has its own benefits. Regardless we aim to provide customers with as many options so they can find their perfect match - which includes both rayon & polyesters threads!

You can rest easy knowing that your stitched design will last longer than the garment upon which it is embroidered. We manufacture all of our products using only top-of -the line equipment and highest quality materials because we want you to be happy with what's on display for years after purchase!

The bigger your design the bigger the stitch count. A big factor in pricing is your custom logo's stitch count. Some logos are dense and require more stitches than others. If budget is your main concern then let one of our customer service experts show you what your design would look like with a minimal stitch count in order to reduce your price per item. For us quality is number one but we understand that sometimes budget can be a big factor so it is easy for us to search for a fast solution to bridge the gap for your order.

We love stitching your designs and can work with you to create one that fits your needs. The recommended size is four to five inches wide (especially on hats or polos), but if you need a larger size for a jacket or a smaller size for a dad hat be sure let us know!

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