Custom Beanies

Consolidated Ink is your final stop for custom beanies. Once we add your logo or design to the beanie it becomes an effective and yet stylish item to advertise your brand, team or business. Personalized beanies keep your head warm in the cold winter months but can be worn year round and display your message even on warmer days. Fashion meets function with a super soft and warm custom beanie.

custom beanie in multiple colors by richardson

Custom Beanie Hats

There are a lot of custom beanie hats to choose from and we understand it can be overwhelming. The best place to start is with your budget in mind. If you are looking for a quick turnaround we recommend embroidery. But we also have woven label decoration options along with both embroidered patches that can be attached onto your beanies as well. We even offer a screen printed canvas patch with a zig-zag stitch that can be done quickly and add a very hand done artisan quality.

Custom Embroidered Beanies

Embroidery works well on custom beanies and is a tried and true decoration method. Whether its a saying or a logo or just a cool design, custom embroidered beanies are a great item for your company and team. Embroidery will usually be the fastest turnaround time of around 2 weeks. If you need them sooner just let one of our friendly staff members know and we will try to make your deadline.

customize your own beanie

Once you send your artwork over our art staff will make sure that your design will fit well depending on which type style you choose. We will match the best customization technique for your custom beanie project. You can choose embroidery, patches or even a clasp label to be affixed  in order to add a stylish flare.

custom beanie with woven label affixed
custom beanies with woven label patches

Beanie Maker For Winter Hats

Custom Winter hats come in many different options. There are night watch caps, cuffed, pom pom beanies, and skullies. Some are thick and some are thinner and softer but they will all keep your head warm.  Whatever your wishes are just let one of our friendly team members help guide you to the right product.

We take pride in our role, as a leading manufacturer of beanies. What sets us apart as a beanie maker is our dedication to adding a touch to your winter hats making them truly unique to you. Our expertise lies in creating beanies that not keep you warm but also allow you to showcase your individual style.
When it comes to customization the options are limitless giving you the opportunity to design a beanie that perfectly reflects who you are. Our skilled craftsmen pay attention to every detail ensuring that each embroidered stitch and patch is executed with care.
Furthermore we are honored to collaborate with brands, like Yupoong and Richardson, which guarantees the use of high quality materials. Our custom beanies are here to redefine winter fashion and empower you to make a statement that's completely your own.

Design Your Own Beanie

When you design your own beanie keep in mind certain details like if your logo is long and thin and if that will work better on cuffed style or skullies. Depending on the size of the cuff one of our dedicated staff artists will make sure everything looks proportional and legible. If you have a large circular design then we might recommend using a non-cuffed option or we will make sure that your circular design will look good in a smaller format.

personalized beanies

The possibilities are endless with personalized beanies. If you have an idea and don’t see a style that you like please reach out to one of our talented designers to help you collaborate on your project. At Consolidated Ink we have years of experience and we want to make sure you receive the product that you were dreaming of.

We have been embellishing custom beanies for the last 10 years and we have discovered which styles are the softest and most comfortable. We have our favorite examples and decoration options listed so you can see which customization option works best for you. As a custom beanie maker you are getting the best value by using us for your custom order. You will get hands on service with a real person who is thinking about your project as if it was their own. We want your custom beanies to make you happy when you receive them.

woven label affixed to custom beanie hats in navy watchman cap style

Woven Labels for small detail.

Styles We Recommend

Caramel color cuffed winter cap

Yupoong 1501KC

20 color options

yupoong knit skullie 1500KC pink

Yupoong 1500KC

20 color options

richardson slouch knit

Richardson 147

9 color options

ribbed cuffed style beanies

Yupoong 1545K

7 color options

port authority night watch cap with cuff

PortAuthority C908

Port Authority® Watchman
4 colors available

waffle knit by Richardson

Richardson 146

9 colors available

Custom Beanies Guide - 5 Step Process

Custom Made Beanies - USA Made

We also offer a special all made in the USA program as well. Custom USA Made Beanies are our absolute favorite. These are made from the softest material and are the perfect fit. There is a wide range of custom colors available in a couple styles. For this option we recommend a screen printed patch. These patches are printed onto a heavy canvas material in our facility and then sewn onto your hat by hand using a tight zig-zag stitch pattern. The end result is something unique--an all-made-in-the-USA beanie with super soft material and a custom bespoke style patch that gives it a hand done artisan style.

waffle knit by Richardson

USA MADE 40010

USA MADE Watch Caps
color options below

Color Options for USA Made Beanies

Not all colors are guaranteed to be in stock. Please call us or email us to check stock for the color you are interested in.

Get more info about pricing and options with a dedicated sales representative.

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