Custom Embroidered Patches

We love custom embroidered patches because you get the high quality feel of direct embroidery on an emblem that can applied onto many different types of apparel. Custom patches are a cool way to set your business or brand apart from the competition by giving your logo a custom feel with high quality polyester stitching. There are two types of custom embroidered patch: Emblem (with merrow border) or appliqué (custom shape / thin stitch border).

custom embroidered patch shield with curse of the lost pearl

Embroidered Patches

The possibilities are endless with embroidered patches. Whether its adding one onto a hat or onto a warm jacket, patches are very versatile and can allow you to add your logo and branding onto multiple items. You can establish a professional looking uniform for your employees by outfitting them with jackets, hats and polos all with your custom embroidered patches affixed to them. Or you can create patches with your artwork to sell or as giveaway products for your customers. The popularity of patches are at an all time high because for a relatively small price per unit you can make a nice item to further customize your apparel and promote your brand or business.

custom embroidered patches new england patriots

Appliqué style

embroidered emoji patch

If your logo doesn't contain super fine detail and you want the coolest patch style available then embroidered patches are what you are looking for. It gives the appearance of extra value and workmanship. It has a dimensional textured look which radiates quality and professionalism. There are other types of custom patches available like woven, leather and pvc patches. But embroidered patches are the classic--the texture from each color adds depth to the design and gives it a classic iconic look.

dont tread on me custom patch with merrow border

Emblem with Merrow Border

Custom Embroidery Patches

There are different styles for custom patches. There is 100% embroidery which means the surface area is 100% filled with stitching. 75% stitching is the next step down which means that 25%  will be whatever fabric color you choose as your background or base fabric. And 50% stitching which is the least amount of stitching. Meaning that 50% of your background twill color will be visible. The pricing below includes up to 6 colors for your patches and pricing is the same no matter how much stitching is being used with us.

Emblem Border Options

For more complex shapes when designing your custom patches consider using the Appliqué style which has a thin border stitch on the contour of the emblem. When you have a simpler shape like a circle, oval or rectangle there is another option called a merrow border. The merrow border is done after the emblem is finished being sewn out and a specialist applies a final stitched merrow border around the emblem by hand. This style of merrow border helps give a classic look that reminds us of an old school embroidered patch and also makes it easier to affix onto apparel like hats, beanies and jackets.

custom embroidered circle patch

Circular Shape with Merrow Border

Custom Embroidered Patch - Backing Options

Heat seal backing option is great if you want to apply your custom emblem by yourself. We recommend using an industrial heat press if you want it to really adhere to the garment properly but if you are someone who likes to do things yourself that you can try using an iron on patches. Again we don't recommend it. When applying patches to a hat or jacket we always use sewing to make sure that it will be affixed onto the item securely and forever!

If you don't want patches iron on option there is velcro or hook and loop backing. For Velcro backing there is an added charge but being able to affix with hook & loop is a great and versatile backing.


  • Low Melt Heat Seal
  • Industrial Heat Seal
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Sample time 7 business days with scan approval via email.
  • Production time 10-12 business days plus shipping. Production time begins after scan approval.
  • Expedited Rush options available for extra cost.
  • Max - 18” X 11” (+/-1mm)
  • Min - 1” X 1” (+/-1mm)
  • The design cannot have more than 15 different colors of thread.
  • Embroidered text cannot have a height smaller than 4mm and column width of 1mm.

Embroidered Patches Custom Shapes & Sizes

The possibilities are endless when it comes to embroidered patches custom shapes and sizes. Mostly the shape is determined by your logo or design and the size depends most on what the end use will be for your emblem. If you are wanting to add your patches to a hat then you need to keep in mind the dimensions of the crown on the hat. Most hats only allow about a 2" or 2.25" tall emblem or design. There needs to be room both above and below the emblem in order for it to be sewn on correctly. Contact us or email us if you have any questions or concerns about the size restrictions for your order.

Price List - 99% Embroidery Pricing

SIZES 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000
1.5" $4.03 $2.27 $1.32 $0.78 $0.66 $0.53 $0.41 $0.37
2.0" $4.28 $2.34 $1.37 $0.83 $0.68 $0.55 $0.46 $0.42
2.5" $5.17 $2.71 $1.44 $0.91 $0.78 $0.68 $0.51 $0.48
3.0" $5.53 $2.88 $1.48 $1.00 $0.88 $0.76 $0.57 $0.52
3.5" $6.15 $3.27 $1.78 $1.40 $1.21 $0.96 $0.71 $0.68
4.0" $6.95 $3.91 $2.17 $1.54 $1.44 $1.18 $0.91 $0.88
4.5" $9.24 $4.98 $2.64 $1.93 $1.70 $1.43 $1.23 $1.10
5.0" $10.48 $6.28 $3.28 $2.61 $2.38 $2.01 $1.46 $1.34
5.5" $12.48 $8.07 $4.23 $3.02 $2.48 $2.11 $1.78 $1.67
6.0" $13.72 $9.28 $5.48 $3.38 $3.32 $3.25 $2.58 $2.41
6.5" $15.64 $10.57 $5.64 $4.45 $4.23 $3.54 $3.02 $2.68
7.0" $17.93 $12.17 $6.55 $5.24 $4.83 $4.13 $4.03 $3.18
7.5" $25.14 $15.38 $8.07 $6.48 $5.84 $4.84 $4.15 $3.98
8.0" $31.58 $19.18 $10.85 $7.34 $6.94 $6.37 $5.31 $4.93
8.5" $30.98 $19.78 $10.98 $9.38 $8.07 $7.10 $5.74 $5.17
9.0" $34.53 $20.37 $12.28 $10.14 $8.38 $7.58 $6.17 $5.61
9.5" $36.75 $21.98 $13.78 $10.67 $9.26 $8.17 $7.46 $6.93
10.0" $38.27 $24.21 $14.71 $11.27 $9.78 $8.67 $7.93 $7.46
10.5" $44.38 $26.45 $16.55 $12.38 $10.94 $9.98 $8.94 $8.38
11.0" $43.98 $26.35 $16.55 $12.51 $10.98 $10.17 $9.28 $7.86
11.5" $45.34 $27.98 $17.24 $13.58 $12.38 $12.21 $11.81 $11.18
12.0" $45.94 $29.24 $18.13 $15.24 $13.12 $13.12 $12.93 $11.98
12.5" $49.38 $32.91 $21.20 $17.31 $15.38 $15.24 $14.63 $13.21

Guide For Determining Size Of Patch

Determining area size of your patch for quick, easy pricing for your order. Our pricing formula is determined by adding the Length and Width and then dividing it by 2. The formula looks like this (L+W) / 2 = patch area for pricing. Here is a visual diagram as well.

size diagram
how to determine oval area size
diagram to determine rectangle size

Patch Embroidery - Thread & Backing Color Options

In our base pricing we allow up to 6 colors of thread. The colors below are our stock colors so when designing your custom patches please try to use these colors as your color palette. If you don't see any available colors that you like and absolutely need a custom pantone color for your logo then please contact us and one of our customer service specialists can assist you in picking the correct pantone color. We use the pantone solid coated book. But each custom pantone color will add a 10% upcharge per color for your custom patches.

Thread Colors

Fabric Colors

Examples of Embroidered Logo Patches

Friendly Customer Service

Name Patches No Minimum

If you are looking for name patches with no minimum we offer stock sizes in 3 different shapes and sizes for this very thing. We offer two types of stock industrial font as well. These name patches can include heat seal backing so that you can iron them on or they can be sewn on. If you have a large manufacturing facility and each employee needs a custom name emblem this is the perfect option for you. We make it easy to order -- just email us an excel spreadsheet with the names listed and we will send you free artwork via a digital mockup for your approval. You can pick the background color of fabric and the stitch color.

custom embroidered name patch with tony written in script
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