Custom Trucker Hats

If you are a hat lover then custom trucker hats are a great way to promote your business, brand, team or event. Think about how often someone wears a hat--If it is their favorite hat they will wear it every day! How often does someone wear a shirt? Hopefully not more than one day in a row--right? Let us create custom made trucker hats for your business.

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Screen Printed Trucker Hats

Custom screen printed trucker hats are great hats to promote your message. Not all hats work well with screen printing but the trucker is one that has a great surface for printing directly onto the crown. We print these hats by hand on a manual screen press. We believe that Direct screen printing is better than plastisol or vinyl transfers because there will be no heat mark left from the heat press. However, in some situations using transfers is a great option especially when you want oversized letters on the front.


Trucker Hats With Embroidery

There are many ways to customize your trucker hat. One of our favorite ways to add a logo onto custom trucker hats is screen printing on the front crown. Both the foam front and canvas front hats can be screen printed. We can even screenprint on the underside of the hat bill for added detail. Embroidery adds a feel of extra quality especially when applied to the canvas front trucker hats. With embroidery we can do custom trucker hats with no minimum.  Another great technique is to add a  patch onto the front of a custom trucker hat. A patch adds even more value to your logo trucker hats. The extra patches can also be applied to other garments that we offer.


Custom Hat Maker - Truckers

There are many different decoration techniques to suit your taste. Sometimes the least expensive option is the right choice. But think about the value that you will get when someone loves the hat you give them. If it becomes their favorite hat they will wear it more and the extra money you spent was well worth it! The nicer the hat the more chances people will appreciate the quality and continue to wear it for years to come.

Trucker Hat Origin

The Trucker has an interesting history and is now an iconic hat style in the US and around the world. Trucker hats were originally worn by Truck Drivers who would get them for free at truck stops. They would wear them while driving across the US. But nothing is for free right? The drivers were advertising the companies that were emblazoned on the crowns. Feed and Farm supply stores would also give them away to farmers and ranchers who found the hats great for working outdoors. The open mesh allowed their heads to stay cool while working and the visor kept the sun off of their faces.


Vintage Trucker

Trucker Cap

As the Trucker cap became a staple of rural working America the hats found their way into vintage stores. Over time they became a symbol of blue collar and hard working Americans. Eventually the trucker cap style was popularized by skaters, surfers and snowboarders. And later on musicians like Pharrel Williams and Justin Timberlake would wear them. Von Dutch, a clothing company in the late 1990’s re-popularized the trucker hats by using artwork from the famous subculture artist Von Dutch. An artist who was famous for pinstriping designs on hot rods.


Mesh Hats & Mesh Trucker Hats

Mesh hats still remain popular because of the cool iconic look and also because it helps keep your head cool while you work. There are many options for embellishing these mesh hats. Mesh hats are versatile when it comes to adding your logo or design. The foam or canvas fronts can be screen printed or embroidered and even a custom patch can be applied to the front crown.

Trucker Caps

Trucker caps are worn by both girls and guys and are used to promote and represent your favorite brand, team or business. While we can make cheap trucker caps if you want to get the most hats for your event and pay the least amount of money. Some trucker hats have become high fashion accessories and can sell upwards of 100.00 each. Some Chrome Hearts trucker hats even sell for 250.00 each.

new era mesh trucker hat
yupoong classic trucker hat
otto cap foam trucker cap
custom trucker hats with screen print

Foam Trucker w/ 1 color Screen print

Custom Printed Trucker Hats

Here is an example of custom printed trucker hats being printed by hand. The squeegee is used to pass ink through the custom screen with the logo and deposit the ink stencil onto the hats.  Screen Printing is a great way to put your statement on personalized trucker hats for your brand or business. This plastisol print will be cured at a high temperature and be locked onto the hat for the duration of it’s life.

custom canvas trucker with screen print

Canvas style Trucker Cap with 1 color print

custom kor shots patch on mesh trucker hat

Custom Patch Trucker Hat

A great example of a custom patch trucker hat is the iconic foam front truckers with a patch affixed. We offer two types of custom patch trucker hats and you can see how each patch looks when stitched onto a foam front trucker. Both Woven Style Patches and Custom Embroidered Patches affix well and are great custom trucker hats with patch. Both patch styles affix well onto custom trucker caps.

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Embroidered Trucker Hats With Your Logo

Using hat embroidery on a custom trucker hat is a great option to achieve a classic look. Embroidery always adds a richer or more expensive feel to your trucker cap. We believe the money spent in adding value to your truckers will be returned by the love and appreciation that your customer or team member will feel when they make your custom trucker their favorite hat. If you make a cheap trucker hat and then the recipient doesn’t wear it then it has been a wasted savings.

embroidery on custom trucker hat

Headwear Brands We Recommend

otto cap logo
new era hat logo
yupoong logo
flexfit hat logo
decky hats logo
Richardson Headwear logo
screen printed logo on navy trucker cap

1 color screenprint on Mesh Trucker Cap

Custom Mesh Hat

Throw on your mesh hat and show your brand in a cool and iconic American style of hat. Let us help you design your trucker hats and caps -- contact us and we can get started on you order. If you need help and have any questions at all regarding your custom apparel order or want to add custom embroidery reach out to our friendly team at Consolidated Ink.

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