Custom Patches For Hats

Custom Patches can be used to adorn just about any apparel item, enhancing their overall appearance, as well as adding function to whatever they’re attached to. From classic styles to dynamic designs, patches are expressive pieces that help promote your business, organization or cause. Custom Patches for hats is our favorite patch application! But whether they’re stitched onto a hat, or attached with adhesive to a backpack, patches make an impression that is sure to last.

custom patches for hats

Best Quality Patch Maker

If you are looking for a patch maker dedicated to providing you with quality service and impeccable products, look no further. We take pride in what we do, creating quality pieces for businesses, organizations, and causes of all kinds. We remember what it’s like to be a customer, and understand your time and your money is valuable. That’s why we strive to be thoughtful and efficient throughout each step of the process, providing you with an experience that’s worth every penny you spend.

Embroidered Patches for Hats

girl wearing custom embroidered style patches on hat

Custom embroidered patches are perfect for employee uniforms, for sports teams and clubs, for collectible items, and for attaching to hats, jackets, and your favorite apparel items. From adding pops of color to incorporating a sleek, traditional aesthetic, patches can be fun or professional, enhancing the style of whatever they’re attached to. Personalize your design by adding your name, logo, and message, and choose from an endless color selection to make your patches a reflection of you.

Hats with patches designed in days

Looking for hats with patches? We offer thousands of hats that can be embellished or customized with your logo. Designing begins with an idea. From that idea, our professional staff will work with you to transform your design, ensuring all the pieces will translate beautifully onto the hat. We’ll offer tips and insights into the best ways to craft your designs and keep your ideas at the forefront of the entire production process. This way, the finished product will be everything you imagined and more. Certain shapes are better when designing your custom patches for hats. Rectangle patches work well on the fronts of hats

Embroidered Style

The embroidering of patches is an age-old tradition, combing a backing material with artfully stitched thread, forming the predetermined pattern of choice. These patches display your design through a multitude of colors and shapes and can be attached by a variety of adhesive options. From classic attachment styles, like sewing the patch directly onto the fabric, to more contemporary solutions, like hook & loop, iron-on, and heat-activated adhesive, your patches are sure to be safe and secure.

embroidery patch shield
circle patch embroidered style
custom embroidered patches rectangle

Custom Embroidered Patches

Create your own embroidered patch by working with our team today. Design your patches to complement the apparel or product it will adorn while maintaining consistency with your business, brand, or organization. You can craft the perfect patch by consulting one of our experienced designers, who will provide insight and inspiration for all of your good ideas. In collaborating with a profession, you’ll ensure your finished product is as high quality as the picture you have in your head.

rectangle patch embroidered with skull and island scene
embroidered patch with iron on backing visible

Embroidered style with Heat Seal Backing

Iron On Backing

Consider iron-on patches for your uniforms, your apparel, and your favorite promotional items. With our innovative adhesive technology, attaching your patches has never been easier. Simply place your patch on the desired location of your fabric, and apply the heat and pressure of an iron to securely attach. This iron-on process is a fast and durable method of affixing to your hat or garment of choice but we always recommend sewing for longevity. Adhesive backing also adds strength to the patch for sewing onto hats.

iron on patch

Patch with Heat Seal Backing

custom woven patch with cactus

Stress Free Ordering

When you own a business or are in charge of an organization, the last thing you need is your patch order adding extra stress into your daily operations. When you work with us we’ll take care of your needs, creating a seamless process and crafting quality products you can trust. Keeping you in mind, we’ll manage your order from processing to production, leaving you with less stress and more of your precious time. 

Quality patch making combines the best materials, top of the line equipment, and experienced professionals who love what they do. When no part of the process is sacrificed, the finished product is one you’ll love to wear. Artfully display your name, logo, or brand in your organization’s colors. Consult a designer to figure out which styles work best with your ideas, and create the perfect patch today.

Get more info about pricing and options with a dedicated sales representative.

Custom Patch Hats

Personalize your caps, hats, and beanies by adding a custom patch with your logo or brand. Made in a variety of shapes and styles, you can match the aesthetic of your patch the type of hat it’ll be adorning, resulting in a cohesive product you’ll love. From classic patch styles to bold, new varieties, we have everything you need to create the style you’ve been looking for. 

Hook & Loop Backing

If standard adhesive styles aren’t for you, or if you’re looking for an interchangeable attachment option, consider using our durable hook & loop backing. With one strip attached to the fabric of your uniform, jacket, bag, or hat and the other attached to your beautiful patch, the hook & loop creates a secure bond that you can trust. Even better is the opportunity to swap one patch with another while using the hook & loop adhesive, making it a fun and functional backing style for all of your needs.

corduroy hat with custom diamond shaped patch

Headwear Brands we recommend for Patch application

decky hats logo
new era hat logo
otto cap logo
flexfit hat logo
embroidered patch with skull and island freedom artists

Embroidery Style Patch with 100% embroidery

custom woven patch

Woven Style - better for small detail

Custom Woven Patches

When it comes to striking ways to display your logo or brand, few things can compete with a custom woven patch. The effect of the colorful strings weaving together to complete a picture is a beautifully eye-catching addition to anything the patch is attached to. 

Woven vs Embroidered

The main difference between embroidered and woven style patches is the level of detail that can be achieved. Woven patches are better at portraying fine detail and letters can be smaller and still legible. Embroidered patches add a texture and a dimension to the design and remind us of more of an old school or vintage style. Both woven and embroidered styles are timeless and look great on uniforms, bags, hats, and more. 

apricot lane custom style patches
freedom artists custom patch detail

We provide quality products and exemplary customer care, crafting the perfect pieces for your business, brand, or club. Reach out today to get started. We can’t wait to work with you.

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