Custom Embroidered Hats

Making a statement for your company, cause, or event is as easy as placing a well made, thoughtfully designed, custom embroidered hat on your head. At eye-catching level, and as everyone’s go-to apparel item, caps or hats with your logo, message, or brand are a fun, functional way to reach larger audiences in style. From classic to contemporary, and bold to subtle, at Consolidated Ink, we have what it takes to have you covered.

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custom embroidered hats with red and black embroidery logo

Custom Embroidered Baseball Hats & Caps

Custom embroidered baseball hats are the tried and true, classic style for the ages, and are a perfect fit for all of your promotional headwear needs. Embroidering your products creates a clean, timeless look that gently lifts your name or design off of the material. This lifted stitching draws the eye to the most important part of your design and can be expressed in a single color or a combination of colors. And when combined with quality materials and an appropriate style for your cause, custom embroidered hats can make the difference you deserve. Whether its baseball caps, snapbacks, dad hats or classic trucker hats we have a style for your project.

Baseball hats are one of the longest standing styles of promotional headwear, and when customized with your design or message, can reach the widest of audiences. With their fitted caps and gently curving brims, baseball hats look good on anyone who wears them. True to their namesake, baseball hats are great for teams and clubs but have a versatility that extends well beyond the baseball field. They appeal to people of all ages and span across a variety of personal styles, from the fashion-forward to the comfort-seekers alike. Available as snapbacks, strap closure, and even fitted options.


Customize your own snapback, adding your design or messaging onto a piece of headwear designed to perfectly fit you and your style. Just like the adjustable strap that molds to your head, the many ways in which you can add your personal flair are customizable. Snapbacks are stylish both on and off the field from embroidered baseball cap to dad hat with small embroidered logo. Further personalize with custom patches. Design your perfect snapback in the materials and colors you love by reaching out today. 

blank custom hats in heather grey front view
custom baseball cap side view heather grey color
back of baseball hat

Embroidered Hat

Embroidery is a basic technique of using a needle and thread to adorn hats and other apparel with the decoration of your choosing. When applied to our process, embroidered hats are created with a machine capable of running multiple needs at a time, bringing your design or message to life on the style of your choosing. Each needle is threaded with a unique color, creating a dimensional, vibrant pattern perfectly catered to your business or brand. This age-old technique is combined with contemporary technology and digital design, blending the past and the future into a stylish look and feel, customized just for you.

custom embroidered hats bu Tajima embroidery machine

Custom Baseball Caps Designed With Your Logo

Ordering custom baseball caps starts with your logo and ideas of how you’d like your finished product to look and feel. These ideas are combined with your design concept or the images and words you’d like displayed on your cap. With our team of trained professionals, we’ll take your ideas and preliminary designs, and work with you to make sure they will translate effectively onto your finished product. We’ll offer insights and suggestions, keeping your positive experience at the forefront of all we do. Together, we’ll make caps you and your network will love to wear.

patagonia embroidered trucker hat
red dad hat custom with embroidered logo

Dad Hats

There is nothing more comfortable or relevant than a dad hat. And customizing your own has never been easier than now. Known for their worn, fitted caps and their subtle embroidered designs, dad hats are the perfect addition to your promotional closet. Their snug fit, combined with soft materials, creates a well-worn style that just feels good to wear. Perfect for a weekend outdoors, the sporting event you wouldn’t dare miss, or the club or team you love, you don’t have to be a dad to love this custom style.

custom dad hat with palm tree logo on man

Trucker Hat

embroidery on custom trucker hat

Trucker hats combine vintage shape and style with a youthful twist, creating a fun fit for anyone who wears them. Starting as the original promotional product, trucker hats were gifts used to spread business names and messaging across the country. Today, their tall faces and sturdy brims are used to inject playful personality into a classic style. Great for bold messaging trucker hats get your message out in a larger-than-life way. Explore the colors, materials, and styles that will look so good, you won’t want to take them off.

Get more info about pricing and options with a dedicated sales representative.

Personalized Hats

Custom Hats are everyday items that become an integral part of people’s lives. They hang on entry-way hooks, are displayed on bedroom shelves, are worn out on sunny days, and during times where comfort is the greatest priority. And hats for your business, organization, or club don’t have to be one size fits all. Custom Hats can be personalized to fit the lives they’re so intimately woven into. Hats can be made to match your style and aesthetic, becoming the staple pieces in your life that reflect who you are. From your favorite colors to the design you love, your personalized cap is just an order away.

custom embroidered hat with american flag embroidery

Custom Embroidery

Embroidery can be customized to match styles from classic to bold, and simple to dynamic. From single color fonts to multiple color logos and images, the stitched effect is timeless and striking. The strategically woven thread creates a lifted look and feels, effortlessly drawing the eye to the areas that matter most. We will work with you to design your custom embroidered hats, making sure your ideas will translate to string and fabric, beautifully.

Custom Hats - Pricing

yupoong premium snapback

Yupoong 6089M Premium 6 Panel Snapback Baseball Cap

Stitch Count 7000 8000 9000 10,000
24-49 $13.35 $14.05 $14.75 $15.45
50-149 $11.60 $12.15 $12.70 $13.25
150-299 $9.85 $10.30 $10.75 $11.20
300-999 $9.25 $9.65 $10.05 $10.45
1000+ Please email for a custom quote

*Prices are an example and are subject to change

Brands We Love:

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Baseball Caps

Baseball hats were first used to create a sense of unity and solidarity amongst teammates and team fans, and have since extended to cultivating that same togetherness across the many organizations that use them today. Custom embroidered baseball caps are perfect for teams and clubs, but also for businesses looking to generate closeness amongst their employees, their customers, and the people in their network. Baseball Caps are comfortable and functional and bring people together around a shared belonging. And that’s something we’re happy to cheer for. 

Flexfit Baseball Caps

flexfit custom baseball caps
charcoal grey snapback front view
charcoal grey with navy brim snapback side view
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new era snapback interior
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