Custom Bucket Hats

At Consolidated Ink, we offer the best Custom Bucket Hats available on the market today. When it comes to designing your Custom Bucket Hat, know that whether you need a new original design or already have something in mind, our artistic team is available to ensure your vision truly meets your expectations.

This style is a perfect choice for protecting one's face from the sun! 

About Bucket Hats

What are Bucket Hats & Boonie Hats used for? Also called Fisher Hats, the idea for these came about in the early 1900s when Irish farmers and fishermen wanted to protect themselves from the rain. It wasn't until the 1960s when this style of hat went from being functional to being fashionable. During the 1980s, the world of hip hop began to wear various styles of Buckets, making this style one that’s extremely popular nowadays!

People use Bucket Hats for a variety of reasons – when fishing, when hunting, when relaxing, and even when just going out for the day, whether it's for fun or performing chores. This style is also convenient, as when it's not being worn, it can simply be folded and placed in one's pocket.

full color printed bucket hats

Custom Sublimation & Reversible Buckets

pigment washed fisherman

Polo Style


camo fisherman


tie dye bucket hats

Tie Dye

classic chino bucket

Classic Chino Twill

nylon waterproof bucket hats

Nylon Waterproof

Most people decide to place a custom patch on their order, so if you decide to add a patch all you need to do is contact our creative design team who will work with you side-by-side. Since the embroidered patch style tends to add a professional touch to your Hats, is the right type of patch for you?

Customize Bucket Hats With Your Logo

Once you decide this style is right for you, you'll need to start choosing the fine designing details. For example, are you interested in Custom Embroidered Bucket Hats? These hats are trending, making this a popular choice for your project! You can decide to add a logo, tag line, words, numbers, figures, symbols, etc. to your Customizable Bucket Hats -- making it your very own design.

Satin stitch embroidery

Screenprint w/ Puff Ink

embroidered patch w/ sublimation

We also offer custom patches, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even decide whether you want your custom patches sewed or ironed on. If you're not sure which option is right for you, simply contact us so we can give you the pros and cons of each choice so you can make the right decision.


  • Max Height 2.25" H
  • Max Width 3.5" W
  • Flat embroidery available
  • 3D or puff Embroidery options


  • Max Height 2.25" H
  • Max Width 3.5" W
  • Unlimited ink color options
  • puff ink option


  • Max Height 2.25" H
  • Max Width 3.5" W
  • Sewn on for long lasting application
  • Different custom patches available

Full Custom Sublimation

  • 100% polyester
  • Made in USA
  • Sublimated fabric for all over print design application
  • add embroidered logo or embed logo into artwork
  • Reversible option

Personalized Bucket Hats

Personalize your Custom Buckets now for corporate reasons! This is a perfect choice when it comes to corporate parties and corporate giveaways, as anyone looks good wearing this particular style. We offer Bucket Hats in a wide variety of colors, we suggest you choose colors that go along with your corporation. Anyone who receives this gift at a corporate party or giveaway is sure to enjoy wearing this fashionable, comfortable, and lightweight accessories.

Sportsman - Bucket Cap - 2050

sportsman blue fisherman

100% bio-washed chino twill 8.25 oz
Unstructured, 31/2" crown
Sewn eyelets.
One Size Fits Most (OSFM): 7 1/2 - 7 5/8
2" brim (tolerance 1/2")

Pricing for 1 location*

Stitch Count 7000 8000 9000 10,000
24-49 $15.45 $16.25 $17.05 $17.85
50-149 $13.36 $14.01 $14.66 $15.31
150-299 $11.95 $12.50 $13.05 $13.60
300-999 $10.50 $11.00 $11.50 $12.00
1000+ Please email for a quote

*Prices are an example and are subject to change

pigment washed fisherman

Cobra BKT

- Garment Washed Pigment
- Cotton Twill Bucket
- Size: Small (6 3/4" - 7 1/8")
- Size: Large (7 1/4" - 7 5/8")
- 4 color available

Decky Polo Hats

Decky 961 Polo

- 4 Panels
- Soft Unconstructed
- 100% Cotton
- Sizes: S/M, L/XL
- 12 colors available

tie dye bucket hats

Sportsman SP450

- Tie Dye Bucket Cap
- 100% cotton twill
- 5 colors available

otto cap gray 17-065 with black trim

Otto 17-065

- OTTO CAP Bucket
- 100% Cotton Twill
- Size: M (58cm/22.8")
- Size: L (60cm/23.6")
- 5 colors available

camo cap with brim

Cobra Camo BKT

- Camo Bucket Cap
- 100% cotton twill
- Size: Small (6 3/4" - 7 1/8")
- Size: Large (7 1/4" - 7 5/8")
- 1 color available

Big accessories crusher bucket

BA BX003

- Crusher Bucket Cap
- 100% brushed cotton twill
- 5 colors available

Customized Bucket Hats Specification

Maybe you're thinking about how your logo will look when placed on your chosen style of Custom Bucket Hat? Great idea! Many company owners decide to use apparel as part of their promotional products strategy, and Custom Caps are one of the more popular chosen accessories. Apparel is considered to be an everyday use item, making it so that any logos placed on a Custom order is sure to be seen by many people every day.

decoration diagram for bucket hats

Customizable Bucket Hat (2.5" H x 3.5" W)

Or maybe you want to bring attention to a special cause? Or maybe you're involved with a fundraiser and are currently looking for the best fundraising products at the right price? Whatever your reason for wanting to customize a Bucket Hat, know that when you choose to use our artistic team of experts to help you create your customized hats --they will come out exactly how you want them to look.

Cool Brands We Recommend

Looking for Cool Bucket Hats for women or men? It's best to be on the safe side and order a color for both sexes! Most women tend to wear new fashionable items that are made using updated fabrics, and today's Buckets are both classic and fun to wear. Men often wear their chosen style of Bucket for protection reasons when engaging in any number of outdoor activities.

brands we recommend

Camo Style Buckets are also a great choice of colors for sporting or hunting events. If you own a ranch or a hunting club a camouflage Bucket is a cool way to reward your members or participants. Other colors that are popular are garment washed and pigment dyed buckets that have a vintage or worn look to them. Add your patch or embroidery to these and you have an instant classic for your golf tournament or sporting event.

Kid Bucket Hats

Don’t forget that kids wear hats, too! Kids also need sun protection, making it a good idea to buy both Adult and Kid sizes. Whether it's a baby, toddler, boy or girl, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect Bucket for kids when shopping with us. Kids tend to love wearing colors and we offer a variety of colors for these styles! Do you already have a color choice in mind?

Infant Baby Kids Buckets

Cobra Infant Bucket

- INFANT/BABY Sized Bucket
- 100% Brushed Cotton Twill
- 5 7/8" Diameter
- 3 colors available:
- Baby Blue, Pink, & White

Ready to Order?

Many people wonder - where can you buy Bucket Hats? At Consolidated Ink! One of the reasons why so many people decide to use our services is because we place a large focus on providing you with the quality products you need. We are happy to help you create your ideal products at the price that best fits your budget.

Need assistance? We’re only a phone call away!

Rothco Classic Boonie

About Custom Boonie Hats

Boonie Hats are very similar to the Bucket style, which is why we’ve decided to also offer this style. So what's the difference between a Boonie and a Bucket? The brim of a Bucket tends to slope downward and the wider brim of a Boonie tends to be stiffer and accordingly offers a straighter brim. Boonies are worn by military personnel and by both regular troops and special forces.

What are Boonies good for? Today, the Boonie is used for a variety of reasons - when gardening, when going to the park, when going to the beach, when hanging out with friends, and more! This style is both lightweight and comfortable to wear, while at the same time does a great job when it comes to protecting one's entire face from the sun.

guide large brim headwear

Big Accessories Guide BX016

- 100% nylon
- lightweight grosgrain strap adjustable fit
- 3 colors available

Cobra Navy Aussie with Strings

Cobra Aussie Boonie

- Heavy Brushed Cotton
- Adjustable Chin Cord
- Side Snaps
- 2 colors available

Already have a design in mind for your Custom Boonie Hats? This style is a great choice for those who often participate in outdoor activities, like lifeguards and camp counselors. Imagine how you want your Custom Boonie to look… We can make it happen!

Adjustable Boonie Hat

Rothco Boonie hat
  • 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester
  • Adjustable Chin Strap
  • OSFM (6 3/4 - 7 3/4 Hat Size)
  • Available In Both Camo And Solid Colors

Pricing for 1 location*

Stitch Count 7000 8000 9000 10,000
24-49 $17.50 $18.25 $18.90 $19.60
50-149 $15.90 $16.45 $17.00 $17.55
150-299 $14.15 $14.60 $15.05 $15.50
300-999 $13.55 $13.95 $14.35 $14.75
1000+ Please email for a quote

*Prices are an example and are subject to change

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