About Us

At Consolidated Ink, we’re taking the stiffness out of screen printing, wrapping you in an experience as comfortable as pulling on your favorite t-shirt. We understand that you and your business are not a one size fits all operation, and treat each person and project with the enthusiasm, creativity, and care they deserve. Because good screen printing is an art, helping your products make an impact worthy of wearing on your sleeve.

Our Story

The Consolidated Ink story began in 2007, well before it was a screen-printing operation. As Patrick Jensen founded the independently owned, artist-driven clothing brand Freedom Artists, he started his search for quality printing services. He moved from company to company, finding businesses that struggled to balance his desire for personalized service and quality products.

He repeatedly discovered operations that struggled to be both attentive to his needs and produce the sort of quality he sought, and this discrepancy started to rub like an itchy tag across his screen print outsourcing experience. So he decided to take the craft into his own hands.

freedom artist trucker hat

Using his background in the apparel industry, Patrick set out to create a business built on the experience he craved as a customer: one based on inspiration, quality, and human connection. And as he conscientiously invested in the necessary equipment and materials for his business, he created a foundation capable of supporting this vision. In 2013, Consolidated Ink was born.

freedom artists screen

Most importantly, we think that expressing your ideas and your art through screen printing should be an easy, fun, and a creative experience. So, loosen that tie and unstarch your shirt. Let us show you the Consolidated Ink way. 

As our small, intentional operation began to grow, it gained its traction organically. It thrived off of referral-based business and return customers, all positively responding to the Consolidated Ink way of doing things. Clients loved being treated like friends, being assisted through the decision-making process, being offered artful input, and participating in a relationship that could be trusted.

Today, Consolidated Ink is serving customers of all sizes, accommodating orders across the United States. But regardless of the scale, we never forget what it is like to be a customer, and the significance of taking care of those who bring us their business. We thrive in crafting products we’re proud of, understanding each project we undertake as an opportunity to play a small role in someone else’s success story. 

The Eco-Friendly Alternative

As surfer, and general outdoor-lovers, we enjoy the opportunity to provide environmentally-friendlier options for our clients and customers. In addition to the traditional plastisol-based ink varieties, we offer a water-based ink that is both soft to the touch and soft in its impact on the outside spaces we love. Our easy-going attitude comes from our ability to recharge outside and enjoy our small part in protecting that.


We Love The Ocean

The Ocean is our home and we love the power that mother nature has to heal. As Life long surfers we draw a lot of our inspiration from the ocean and as part of our way to give back we are a proud member of the Surfrider Foundation.


We Love The Outdoors

Everything we need to know is out there in Nature. Nature is the best teacher. We love to learn from Nature and we enjoy camping, hiking and rock climbing. We are a big believer in the Leave No Trace movement


We Love Art

We love artwork and creative expression--that is how we got into this business. We are a print shop that grew out of our love for putting artwork onto t-shirts. We also operate a small independent clothing brand called Freedom Artists that showcases the artwork of various artists.

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