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Why choose Consolidated Ink to provide you with your Custom Screen Printing needs? Because we are passionate about the process of screen printing and strive to deliver the best quality prints available! Our interest and obsession with the art of screen printing allow us to stand out from being just another online Custom Screen Printer. Screen printing is a multi-step process and each of those steps has many variables that can change based on the garments and ink you select for your project. We can help walk you through the steps to make sure you choose the right garments and inks for your custom order so you are ecstatic when it arrives at your front door.

Top Products For Screen Printing

underbase screen print


multicolor t-shirt print

Multicolor Prints

1 color print

1 Color Prints

simulated process screenprint

Simulated Process

index printing


vintage screen printing

Vintage Prints

Types of Inks

plastisol print on dark shirt


waterbase printing


discharge screen print


glow in the dark ink


metallic shimmer ink

Metallic or Shimmer

puff ink print


tie dye and hoodie printing

What is Screen Printing and
How Does it Work?

Screen Printing is a process of transferring ink onto apparel (fabric) using a screen with a mesh-like material. In order for us to print your custom tees, we'll first create your films and then use a stencil to block out any areas where no ink will be placed. Once we create your screen and are ready to perform the Screen Printing process a squeegee will be used to push the colors of your logo through the stencil to properly transfer it to your chosen article of clothing. So essentially all you need is a screen + ink + squeegee + T-shirt to print on.

Got an Original Design?

If you have an original design ready to go, then all you need to do is send it over so that we can approve it to be placed on your clothing item. We aim to make the custom design process one that's super simple for you! This means if you already have your logo created all you need to do is send it over using our Request a Quote button. You can also decide to email your artwork files or call us if you prefer to speak with a real person.

If you already have a design yet feel that you need to add or change it, then you can contact our artistic team to help you finalize your original logo. If you have an idea in mind and have not taken any action when it comes to putting what's in your mind on paper, then no problem! Simply contact our artistic team to help you get the process started.

We're Here For You!

The Fine Details

Once you've decided that Custom Screen Printing is the right option for you, you'll need to start figuring out the fine details. And we make it easy because our customer service team is always available to you when you need any assistance. So what are some of the decisions you need to make? You'll need to choose how many articles of clothing you want, the quality of your clothing option, the location in which you would like your design placed, and the number of colors in your design.

Because all of these factors are going to affect the price of your custom screen printed articles of clothing, feel free to contact us for one or more quotes!

detail screenprints on black and white shirts

What Makes Us Stand Out

We're not your ordinary Custom Screen Printer! Consolidated Ink is a company that has decided to go above and beyond what other companies are doing to make us stand out. This means when you decide to use our services, which includes having access to our team of artistic professionals, you can rest assured that you'll be 100% satisfied with your end product.

The fact that we only use high-quality materials and top-of-the-line inks means you can expect your design to be one that looks extremely professional. And because we have a quality control team, every single one of the custom products we make is thoroughly evaluated to make sure it passes our high standards. Once we determine that your custom products are indeed perfect, we'll pack them up and ship them to you.

It couldn't be any easier.


Many people are surprised to hear that screen printing can last the entire life of the article of clothing it's imprinted on with proper care.

Washing screen printed articles of clothing should be turned inside out and only washed in cold water using a mild detergent.

We offer the traditional plastisol-based varieties of ink, as this is the most common type of ink used to create your custom products.

Yes, we do! We offer a water-based ink that makes any custom made product you decide on super soft to the touch. We decided to offer our clients this option because water-based inks also have a softer impact on our environment. Win-Win!

You can use up to 10 colors with traditional screenprinting! Understand that your price will increase every time you add a color, which is why most people tend to use between 1 to 4 colors.

We use special processes to ensure that any darker articles of clothing you decide that are right for you can still properly show your design. This usually involves printing an underbase or layer of white ink below your design.

Currently, we don't offer free shipping but we are happy to price the shipping to your door so you know how much you will be paying. Most online shirt printing services say they are offering free shipping but the cost is just being added into your price. We choose to pass the savings onto our customers.

Because we are a traditional silk screen shop our smallest order is 1 dozen on select shirt styles for a t shirt with printing. Below 1 dozen shirts we can offer digital printing or DTG Printing.

Ready to Order Your Custom Screen Printing Products?

If you're ready to order, we ask that you contact us at your soonest convenience. Know that we treat all of our customers the same - as if they were our only one! This means you can expect to not only receive the custom products you want to turn out exactly as expected, it also means you'll receive the best customer service possible.


Our Consolidated Ink team is one that truly goes above and beyond to assist you.

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